Textile cos using CombiPolish tech awarded

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Danish company Novozymes has patented an enzyme technology, called CombiPolish, which reduces use of harsh chemicals in industrial processes.

The technology is claimed to be the fastest, gentlest and most sustainable way to perform textile bio polishing and bleach clean-up saving water during dyeing, energy and time. The fabric stays smooth longer and the colours remain fresh, said a press release.

It said a number of textile companies in Bangladesh have already embraced the technology in their manufacturing process.

Garment industry faces conflicting demands – it is required to process fabric with less consumption of water and energy but at the same time produce higher quality for competitive prices.

The groundwater level in the Dhaka drops by 2 to 3 metres every year while Bangladesh has an aspiration of becoming a 50 billion dollar garment industry by 2021. Sustainability is the solution for both the environment and the future of the garment industry in Bangladesh

Danish ambassador to Bangladesh Mikael Hemniti Winther hosted Novozymes CombiPolish Champions Award 2016 at his residence on November 27 and 28.

Textile companies using the technology in Bangladesh were awarded certificates by the Danish ambassador and Ethel Fanny Laursen, Head of Technical Industries Novozymes, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“The target by the government for Bangladesh to become middle income country by 2021 is ambitious but achievable and RMG sector will play a very important role in that process,” Mikael Winther said.

“We are very proud of being a company that brings innovation in textile sector. Novozymes spends 14% of the revenue in research and development to bring products that not only will solve problems of today but tomorrow,” said Ms. Ethel Laursen.

Keynote speeches on sustainability and clean technology were given by David Hasanan, Chairman of Viyellatex Limited and Md. Abdul Jabbar, Managing Director of DBL Group.

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