PM asks officials to prevent misuse of public money

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today asked the government employees to be careful so that the public money allocated for development projects are not misused in any way.

“Formulating any development project shouldn’t be based only on how to spend, you (government employees) will have to consider the available resources alongside the country’s development and the welfare of people. Stay alert so that public funds are not misused,” she said.

The Prime Minister was addressing a function marking the signing of the Annual Performance Agreements (APAs) by various Ministries and Divisions with their respective subordinate bodies at the Prime Minister’s Office in Dhaka, reports UNB.

She said once there was a notion that public resources could be dumped into the sea. “Now people should give up that concept as public funds have to be spent on welfare of the nation.”

She mentioned that Bangladesh has gained the capacity to finance almost 90% of development projects under the Annual Development Programme (ADP) from local resources although the country had to beg from others going from door to door in the past for it.

“Development programmes should be framed plugging all the loopholes of misuse as we want to stand on our own feet and move to the global arena with our heads high,” she said.

The Prime Minister said her party is always ready to serve the country’s people through forming government after winning elections. “Our main goal is to maintain a democratic rule in the country to unleash socio-economic development.”

She said the politics of her party is centered over ensuring overall development of the country.

“You’ve seen different types of politics in the past, but the party (AL) which always thinks of socio-economic development of the grassroots people and works for people have different policies unlike those who grab power all of a sudden and enjoy (misuse) power.”

She said the Annual Performance Agreement (APA) has been playing an effective role in increasing transparency and accountability of government institutions, ensuring proper utilisation of resources and developing institutional capacity and thus help take ahead the country.

“Since the field-level offices signed the agreement for the first time, all concerned will have to be much more sincere in implementing this agreement,” she added.

The Prime Minister said the Annual Performance Agreements was first formulated in the fiscal year 2014-15 in a bid to materialise the Vision 2021, to maintain its continuity, the APAs have been signed for the 3rd consecutive year this time.

Each and every Ministry and Division today signed their respective APA in light of the Allocation of Business, Five Year Plan, Vision-2021, Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, and other government policies.

The Cabinet Secretary as the chairman of the national committee on performance management method and on behalf of the Prime Minister signed the APAs.

The secretaries of the ministries and divisions concerned will remain liable for implementation of the APAs of their respective Ministries and Divisions while the concerned Ministers would make overall supervision for ensuring implementation of the agreements.

In this connection, the technical and national committees will work for enhancing the capacities of the ministries and divisions towards implementing the APAs as well as monitor and evaluate the activities of those.

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