Nearly 60% supplier factories of Accord-signatory brands now safe


The apparel factories in Bangladesh have completed remediation works as inspected by the Accord of signatory-brands on fire and building safety.

The platform of European brands and retailers released the report of their inspection in Dhaka today, marking their third anniversary of inception in Bangladesh.

“Approximately 60% of the safety hazards identified through the initial inspections have now been reported or verified as repaired,” an Accord press conference was told. Some 1,550 factories were inspected since November 2013.

On this day of three years ago, the global apparel brands, retailers, 2 global unions and their national RMG affiliates had signed an agreement to make garment factories in Bangladesh safe in terms of fire, electrical and structural standards.

Accord termed it a significant accomplishment and factories are becoming much safer, but said that remediation now needs to be completed without further delay.

Accord Chief Safety Inspector Brad Loewen pledged an enormous amount of time, staff, and resource to make sure remediation is completed in a more-timely manner.

After a successful pilot safety committee training program at approximately 65 Accord-listed supplier factories with a registered trade union, the Accord will now implement the safety committee element of the Accord on a larger scale, said the global retailers’ platform.

“… the safety committees will be developed which will be capable of and permitted to perform their safety maintenance, monitoring, and educational functions” says Rob Wayss, Accord Executive Director.

“The training materials, methods, and delivery systems have been well-received, are practical and relevant, and can be implemented on a large scale basis.”

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