House owners harassing doctors to face gas, electricity cut

Nasrul Hamid warns of the stern action

electricity connection

The gas and electricity connections of the buildings restricting entry of doctors and other health service providers into their houses will be snapped.

State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid warned of the action today (Saturday) amid allegations that the owners of different buildings across the country were resticting entry of their tenant doctors, nurses and other helth service providers.

“The doctors and other health service providers of coronavirus-infected patients in Dhaka and elsewhere in the country are being harased by the owners of the houses,” he told journalists, apprising them of the action to be taken against the errant house owners.

“They (health service providers) are working despite high risks of their life. We have our duties for them too,” he said.

He called upon the victims of such incidents to call on the hotlines of the gas and electricity companies and lodge complaints with them. The connections of the houses will be snapped if the complaints are proved to be true, he assured.

Replying to a question, Nasrul said that similar measures would also be considered for the people in other profession who are providing emergncy services during this critical situation created due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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