Banks warned of enticing foreign investment offers

Banking transaction hours

The alert has been issued particularly against the apparently lucrative big investment proposals from person or firm having no license from the supervisory authorities.

Local entrepreneurs sometimes receive such investment proposals and try to examine the source of investment from their banks and get approved, according to a Bangladesh Bank circular issued in Dhaka today.

The investment proposals are generally of incomplete and not transparent nature while cannot be ensured that the fund would not be used for terrorist activities, said the central bank.

Since the July 1 terrorist attack at a Gulshan restaurant followed by the Sholakia eid congregation attack, Bangladesh is making efforts in preventing terrorist activities in the country by all means – be it by preventing arms enter into the country or stopping the money inflow that has the possibility finance the terrorists.

According to the circular, the some foreign investors would try to allure local sponsors by offering them an opportunity to get big investment from other sources.

The banks will have to confirm that an internationally well-reputed bank or financial institution is behind investment process.

“If any investment proposal appears suspicious, banks should inform its respective sponsor client about it and give necessary advices.”

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