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About us

About us

Business Mail is a business news site dedicated to financial, tech, and other industry verticals that matters most to our generation. We cover a wide range of stories that focussed on latest happenings as well as in-depth analysis.

A team of experienced and young financial journalists is driven by values that contribute to our readers to understand the very complex and constantly changing field of information – not only the impact of climate change on the business and economy.

The team is led by Meer Saiful Islam – editor and publisher of the news provider – who has got over 20 years of experience in business journalism.

Business Mail is to bring out stories behind financial numbers with relevant analysis for informing our readers from the cross section of the society – be it the business and policymakers or the people who are the beneficiaries or victims of the policies adopted by the business and the government.

We are here to offer impactful data journalism that promises readers to help understand better the context about what the numbers mean. While other media are trying to put the numbers in perspectives, we are to dig deeper into the numbers.